Meet Our Artists

Friends of Community Public Art was formed to be an artist run, multi-racial, inter-cultural not-for-profit organization that represents the economic diversity of the area. The purpose of FCPA is to develop a core group of professional artists who have acquired the technical and organizational skills to make site-specific, audience-responsive work. The artists’ work is geared toward permanent paint media, freestanding and relief sculpture, ceramic and glass mosaics, and other traditional media. This core group of artists then introduces assistant artists to the field of public art and young people from all neighborhoods and economic backgrounds are trained to be public artists.

Ashraf, Sadia
Carlson, Roger
Chavira, Javier
DiBartolo, Dante
Farrell, Kathleen
Faulhaber, Roberta
Furst, Sarah Elizabeth
Garcia, Erick
Glet, Sharka Marie Frantiska
Hernandez, Hector
Kryczka, Marion
Lega, Marsha
Lesnak, Terri
Manley, Tom
O’Connor, Christine
Richmond, Jennifer
Rodriguez, Jesus
Scarboro, Kathleen
Swanson, Ron
Silva, Ilario
Standifer, David
Yanchick, David

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